Moxie Momentum I, Stainless Steel, Handmade Hutning Knife


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Behind every satisfying outdoor adventurer, there is a knife. Every knife enthusiast's dream, this knife is brilliant in every way. It is an exquisite blend of form and function. Rugged, beautiful, and affordable - simply awesome that is sure to impress.

Experience originality, exceptional aesthetics & toughness

The perfectly hardened and skilfully polished mirror-finish full-tang blade is perfect for cutting and chopping any stuff you throw at it. It also comes in handy as a makeshift beauty mirror. Now that is a fair dinkum versatile knife - bold & beautiful, just like Mr "crocodile Dundee" from the Aussie outback. A dream knife of every outdoor adventure lover, this fantastic hunting knife is a must-to-carry tool.

Vacuum-hardened D2 steel mirror polished full-tang blade

With a tough blade made from a vacuum-tempered (hardened) D2 stainless steel blade plus a gorgeous olive wood handle impregnated with epoxy resin, what else can you ask for? D2 steel's high carbon and chromium content makes it an excellent choice for tools & knives. A vacuum-hardened full-tang knife blade from D2 steel offers exceptional wear, corrosion resistance, and longer edge retention.

Bold & beautiful

One of the most valuable tools for any outdoor adventurer is a good hunting knife that can also be a survival knife. This knife's design and manufacturing quality is an amalgamation of strength and beauty carefully crafted by skilled knife makers. At the same time, it is thoughtfully priced, offering a perfect combination of quality and great aesthetics.

With this fantastic knife, you will receive genuine handmade leather, which can also be attached to your belt if needed.

Each handcrafted knife is a masterpiece with no identical replica, handcrafted for you by experienced knifemakers using traditional skills and techniques seasoned and matured for centuries. That means uniqueness, individuality and an unrivalled feel and character.


Blade Material: D2 Steel

Tempering Method: Vacuum Hardened

Handle: Olivewood with impregnated epoxy resin


Overall (L x W x H): 23cm x 2cm x 3.5cm

Sheath: 27cm x 3cm x 5cm


Net (knife only): 300gm

Legal Advice

PEPNIMBLE legally imports, per the Australian Customs and Border Force classification, all the knives listed for sale. You must be 18 or over to buy this item from this store. We will consider any orders placed by the buyer as placed by persons over the age of eighteen years. State laws bound you concerning knife purchases. Please be familiar with your state laws before purchase, as PEPNIMBLE or its subsidiaries takes no liability for any unlawful, accidental, malicious or reckless acts committed or otherwise stemming from the purchase of the product.

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Customer Reviews

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Simon Papas (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Olive wood & Resin (Moxie Momentum)

What a work of art! This solid knife is well balanced. Its sharp blade is polished to a mirror finish. The unique grain of the olive wood handle is complemented by green resin. It comes with a hand-crafted, leather sheath. As usual it has been a pleasure to deal with PEPNIMBLE.

Reasonably priced. Quick delivery. Exquisite knives.

This is my 3rd and l ❤️ it. Simon.

Hi Simon!

We're thrilled that the Moxie Moment Knife has become one of your favourites! Your feedback has made our day!

We're happy you found it well-balanced and that our delivery met your expectations.

Thanks for choosing PEPNIMBLE.

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