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Sometimes can be hard to buy a gift for a man. If you're looking for a outdoor gifts idea for your dad, brother, or husband you want to buy something that will make him feel special and show how much you care about him. But it's also important to find something he'll enjoy as well.

For those men who love the outdoors, there are some great home and outdoor gifts out there that they're sure to enjoy!

If your loved one is an avid camper or fisherman, chances are good they would appreciate getting an outdoor-themed present. Let's explore some options and find something unique!


Gifts for hikers and backpackers

Man holding gifts outdoor

Choosing gifts might be difficult. Everyone has probably spent hours browsing the internet looking for the ideal present for someone else that they might love! Blogs with affiliated links full of suggestions... gifts under $25, gifts under $100...50 ideas, 100 ideas...

Such is the case with many people who, overwhelmed by endless gift ideas and options, end up spending money on anything just to complete the torture session.

Then you get that half-sinister grin on your loved one's face when they unwrap their present, just like in terrible second-class movies trying to show they are happy....and then, in a few weeks, you could end up accidentally seeing your hard-searched present listed on Gumtree as unwanted gift.

What would be the ideal present for our outdoorsy loved one who enjoys going for backpacking trip rather than watching TV on the sofa on weekends?

A trekking poles? Barbecue gifts? Hiking boots? Hot drinks-cup holders? Dust proof Multi-tool? Something preserving or reflecting body heat? Water resistant portable speaker? Aid kit?

Or maybe a water bottle!

All these could be very useful in the trips, but are they memorable and unique?

Would this gift make your loved outdoorsy guy feel special?

If you are not sure..then we talk about why choose handmade?


Why indeed choose handmade?

Traditional craftsmen is making unique handmade gift

We want to give something special when we consider giving best gifts to our loved ones. We don't just want anything easily available at BCF and Anaconda... trekking poles, multi-tool, frying pan....something that will be purchased by many other outdoor lovers..same style, same brand. We want something unique, different, and possibly handmade!

In our world, which is based on mass production and industrial manufacturing, we tend to have too many items and undervalue them. However, certain things may touch our hearts owing to the human effort and emotion invested while producing them.

That's why we enjoy making our own pies, even though the ones from the shop may taste better ( maybe due to additives?).

That is why, even after our daughter grew up, we still keep those handmade dresses made for her by our aunt, even though her stitches were not as straight and neat as in Myers dresses.

This is what we want to give as a gift- something that comes from the heart and has a story to tell. Something unique that not many people will have or know about. So, when you are looking for best gifts for your man, think about handmade! It's a unique and special gift that he will love and cherish for many years to come.


Hunting knife...Survival Knife..

Handmade damascus hunting knife on leather sheath

There is a Russian saying that goes:

"There are two sorts of men: those who own a hunting knife and those who wish they would own one."

Something is appealing about knives for the men, it runs through their blood. From the prehistoric man who used a sharpened piece of stone to the modern soldier carrying all manner of blades, knives have been an important tool in the arsenal of mankind.

Not many men are into hunting nowadays, with butchers shops and supermarkets on every corner, but all men can appreciate a knife.

Especially, if your loved one enjoys embarking into outdoor adventures and goes regularly on camping trips whether to the beaches or national parks, he would surely appreciate good hunting or survival knife, essential to have great outdoors.

A good quality survival knife should be on every outdoor lovers list along with sleeping bags, beach blankets, and other outdoor gear. Not only it can be used for skinning and preparing game, but a good survival knife can also be helpful in a variety of other situations, from cutting rope to making kindling while setting up the fire pit. It can be even used as a can opener or bottle opener if needed!

Whether your loved one goes for backpacking trip for his outdoor adventure or hike-in camping, the good quality survival knife would be on of the perfect outdoorsy gifts for great outdoors.


What is so special about Damascus steel?

knight's hand holds ancient damascus steel sword

The handmade survival knife is a great gift on its own. But when its made from Damascus steel, it completes all the boxes to become a perfect gift and you need not strain your brain on more gift ideas.

Damascus steel has a unique historical legacy for making the best swords used to win fierce battles. It has been used for centuries and originated from the Damascus region of Syria.

Today, it is still made by hand in small batches and has a reputation for being tough, sharp, and beautiful. The blade is usually composed of two different types of steel that are forge-welded together to create a stunning pattern on the blade. This makes each knife unique and no two knives have the same pattern. If you would like to know more about Damascus Steel, we compiled separate blog, where this unique material was explored in great detail.

Handmade knives by traditional blacksmiths are all about one man's passion for making a product so great that it will be loved by many others as well. They carry their story inside them, they have been made with skills passed down from generations to centuries to now being used in the modern world because those who made them, were so passionate about it.

So what about the stainless steel knives?

Well, Damascus steel knives compared to stainless steel knives are like a matured cheese to a fresh one. The old has been matured for a long time, it has a unique flavour that can't be found in the fresh. It might not be as shiny as a stainless steel knife, but it will outperform any other knife when put to test.

Damascus steel knives are notorious for keeping their sharp edges for a very long time. They would be perfect for any outdoor activity requiring a survival knife, whether it's car camping or backcountry camping, and will be appreciated by all outdoor lovers. And they surely will impress the camp chef setting up the dinner at the fire pit!


Outdoor Gifts for Men: Why Not Buy a Handmade Damascus Survival Knife?

unique handmade damascus hunting knife with leather sheath

When you want to make a lasting impression, there’s no better gift than one that is uniquely handmade. Our range of handcrafted Damascus survival knives is the perfect outdoor gifts idea for all outdoor lovers who appreciate the beauty of natural materials and the quality of traditional craftsmanship.

Whether you need a present or just something special for your father, brother, or spouse, these pieces will be appreciated by any outdoorsman in your life. Each blade is beautifully crafted with high-quality steel and then layered into Damascus patterns using traditional techniques, making each knife truly unique, the matching gift to that very special person in our life.


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