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The pocket knife may have been in use for longer than the Egyptian pyramids existed, and it is quite possible that it had a minor role in the construction of these monuments. Today, there are more pocket knives on the market than ever before, ranging from folding knives, fixed blade knives to multi-tools with a variety of blades and attachments, including a swiss army knives and other brand folding knives, depending on a price range filter.

However, when you pull out your pocket knife nowadays, people get scared. Don't get alarmed. If they inquire as to why you're carrying such a tool on you, offer one of the following 20 reasons. Or, slowly name all 20 in a line. After you offer them five or seven reasons, they are likely to fall behind.

A folding knife is a useful, everyday item that no craftsman, policeman, soldier, hunter, tourist, or first-aid rescuer can live without. Here are 20 uses for a pocket knives that won't break the bank.

1. Opening boxes - This approach comes in first for a good reason. Every day, hundreds of packages of various price range filter are opened with pocket knives by everyone from homeowners purchasing electronics to major corporations receiving hundreds of boxes through shipping firms, couriers, and more. How can you live without a pocket knife if you work on a loading dock and don't have one?

2. Removing staples - Many boxes are sealed with tape and stapled, making this problem more common. When you get the box, don't leave the staples dangling in place. Someone could get a nasty cut if they touch it. The best tool for removing and disposing of them are folding knives.


pocket knife slicing lemons and kiwi

4. Slicing Fruit - Cutting fruit with a pocket knife is an age-old practice, whether you're sitting in the woods or on your front porch. In a camp, this is fine, but sitting on your porch and cutting an apple with a knife and eating it straight off the blade will increase your manhood in the eyes of your neighbours.


pocket knife sharpens pencil

4. Pencil Sharpening - As long as pencils could had been sharpened with pocket knives, they've been done so. You might need to sharpen your pencil if you work in a loading dock, or if you're at home and can't locate a pencil sharpener.

5. Opening cans - Of course, you may not bring canned food while climbing the mountains, but if you are going to stay on the banks of Mary river the for a week, they make a lot of sense. However, if you don't have your pocket knife with you, forgetting or losing your opener might be inconvenient.

7. Splinter Removal - You don't need to be a carpenter or furniture maker to get a splinter. However, having a pocket knife at that moment could prove very handy. A pocket knife can help you get rid of deep-seated splinters that have embedded themselves beneath the skin's surface. Just remember to sterilize the blade by holding it over a flame or submerging it in hydrogen peroxide before using it.


pocket knife carving wood

7. Carving wood - It is a craft that has been around since the dawn of mankind and has demonstrated remarkable tenacity in our fast-paced world. It is preferred by campers who use wood shavings to start a fire or simply enjoy thinking about the universe mysteries.

8. Fishing Line and Tackle Cutting - Fishermen are another group of individuals that couldn't operate without their trusty pocket knife. If the line gets tangled, you'll have to cut it, and your chances of breaking the thick line with your bare hands are slim.

9. Gutting Fish - Since we are talking about the fishermen, here comes another use for pocket knife. Fishermen use their pocket knife to clean fish on a daily basis. There is no other instrument for this purpose. The pocket knife may also be used to cut tiny fish when it's time to barbecue the catch after gutting and cleaning it.

10.Release the Accident Victim - There are many recorded instances of rescuers discovering a person strapped in a seat belt in a burning vehicle at the scene of an accident. The pocket knife may be critical in these situations, the deciding factor between life and death.

11.Opening bottles - You don't always have a bottle opener on hand when you need to open a bottle, which is why it's so important to keep one of these in your car at all times. Opening a bottle - while not as crucial as extricating someone from a burning vehicle - is sometimes necessary, and what would you do, if the bottle opener not there? In situations like this, use your pocket knife to pry the lid off in small folds.

12. Cleaning vegetables - back to the campsite. If you only have a pocket knife with you when travelling, you can still become a great camp chef and use it for all your kitchen needs. Just be sure to wash it thoroughly before using it for food.

13. Disassembling and Folding Cardboard Boxes - Whether you're the person who receives a lot of Amazon boxes at the loading dock or simply someone who receives a lot of boxes, you'll need to unfold them and wrap them in tidy, compact bags for recycling. There's no better tool than your pocket knife to accomplish this.

14. Skinning Prey - If you're a hunter, you probably understand the importance of swiftly butchering a kill, especially in chilly weather. However, before getting the meat chopper, you must first remove the skin with a pocket knife. Of course, you'll need a big enough pocket knife to do it correctly, but you're a hunter. You can do it.


pocket knife cutting rope

15. Rope Cutting - Anyone who works with heavy machinery knows that a knife is sometimes required to cut ropes. Climbers also understand that they may get trapped and their safety rope may become snagged at some point. When this happens, it becomes more of a hindrance than a help and must be cut off so that a new one can be attached.

16.Indicates the position of the cut - you may need to cut something but have lost your pencil. If you're confronted with something like this, just use your pocket knife to make a scratch on the cutting line. For example, if you misplace the keys to your bike lock and need to cut it immediately - mark it with a knife and rewire the chain! You may also use the end of a pocket knife to make an accurate mark indicating where to screw in a screw or nail.

17.Make Haemostatic tourniquets. Mountain rescue workers sometimes encounter climbers who have fallen a long distance and are bleeding from serious wounds. For circumstances like this, make haemostatic tourniquets. A tourniquet must be applied as soon as possible, which is where a pocket knife comes in handy. Start the tear line with a knife and then rip it all the way through with your bare hands.

18. Opening letters - ten years ago this would have been at the top of the list, but since almost no one else writes paper letters, this option has shifted down a bit. However, you never know where and when you need it. You might be in a relationship with someone who enjoys writing lengthy letters, or you may simply get a lot of bills in the mail that need to be processed. Having said that, the pocket knife was designed for love letters and the bills aren't its specialty.

19. To cut the tape - Let's assume you're moving and have a lot of boxes to seal. If you have a pocket knife, then no problem. Since the tape became part of packaging, people have been using pocket knives to cut it and will continue to do so for the long future.

20. Self-defence against wild animals. A pocket knife is not the ideal self-defence weapon for animals. But one day, it may be your sole means of self-defence. You'll be thrilled you have it in this situation, and that you took the time to learn how to use it properly.

We hope that this list has been useful and informative for you, but remember: a pocket knife is far more than simply a souvenir to show off to your friends. In fact, this is one of the greatest pals you've ever had.

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